Sustainable Development

Aligned to the following UN´s Sustainable Development Goals; 1 No poverty, 12 Responsible consumption and production, 13 Climate action and 15 Life on land.  The program aims to promote productive capacities, innovative solutions throughout sustanaible projects to create better conditions of living for people and lift themselves out of hunger and poverty. The focus areas are:

1) Sustainable agriculture integrates environmental, social, and economic sustainability within agricultural production to enhance the livelihoods of smallholders farmers and their families.

2) Water managment, soil conservation and preservation for natural resources´s rational use.

3) In relation to the four pillars of food security: food availability (production), access (including land, infrastructure for food transport from surplus to deficit areas, domestic food reserves, safety nets), utilisation (nutrition and feeding interventions) and stability. In so doing, it shall give priority to smallholder agriculture, food processing to create added value enabling sustainable productive systems, local integration with gender mainstreaming and assistance mechanisms for vulnerable popultion, merly, indigenous and rural areas.

Poblado presa Brockman, El Oro, Estado de México, 2018.