Health Education

To achieve the objective 2 Cero hunger and 3 Good health and well-being of the UN´s Sustainable Development Goals, Amox Tochan has created “Health Education”. This program works to ensure opportunities for vulnerable people so, they can achieve their optimal development by addressing basic fundamental needs: food, health and well-being.

The focus areas are:

1) Nutrition and feeding; guidance on knowledge to boost healthy eating habits and adequate nutrition to prevent and control chronic degenerative diseases; diabetes, malnutrition.

2) Food security works towards providing sufficient and nutritious healthy food so children and families gain more access to healthy foods in child care settings, schools and in their communities.

3) Healthy food helps women to undertake self-managed projects to produce food, strengthen developing capacity in households to help improve their quality of life and propel productive capacity, thus contributes to meet the nutritional needs of families.

Image: Daniela y Paloma, Peñitas, El Oro, Estado de México.
Secundaria Técnica “Ignacio Manuel Altamirano No. 180”. Poblado presa Brockman, El Oro, Estado de México, 2019.