Our story

Incorporated in 2012 in MX-Founded in 2012 as an independent non-profit organization by a business mexican group aware that responsible participation is a duty of every citizen. Since its inception, Amox Tochan arises to meet the social needs of the most vulnerable people in Mexico.

Our name comes from the Nahuatl language, which means; Amox-book, Tochan-house, “Our book, our House”. On the one hand, “Amox” (our book) represents teaching towards culture – there is no culture without a book-, looking for new horizons and achieving a better quality of life. On the other, “Tochan” (our house) as a source of mexican customs and culture, also, where there will be always a book. Thus, Amox Tochan´s foundation seen as a house begetting culture for the enrichment, well being and development, enabling people to take the lead in shaping society.

Amox Tochan recognizes that people´s primary needs must be addressed to create pathways out of poverty and hunger for childhood, youth and adult population. Our commitment is to create development capacities to enhace human well-being and support efforts that reduce inequities based on values and principles that make us capable delivering the goals set out in our programs and allows us to participate fully in community life.