About Us


Guided by the belief that every human being deserves access equality, Amox Tochan seeks to be a meeting point where ancient, traditional, community and scientific knowledge converge to establish pathways being able diminishing inequality; to boost nutrition, feeding, health, education and human development; reduce poverty and hunger rates, increase community engagement and action in order to drive a sustainable social impact and inclusive growth. 

We build the best conditions to avoid forced migration in families and communities of the country. We aim to strengthen an environment that nourishes the body, mind and soul, make conditions that expand the opportunities of childhood, youth, and adult population in Mexico. So, they can realize their fully potential to carry out a productive life according to their interests and needs to achieve their human well- being and succeed in life. 

Creating, building and implementing solutions, strategies and tools collectively, is the way to close gaps inequality in communities that holds out food, health and social development vulnerability, mainly rural, indigenous and peri-urban.

We regard equity as the basis of opportunities to shape a fair society, so, our ethical and professional work is fund on respect, honesty and loyalty. We defend our cause with fidelity and gratitude, to develop bonds of trust with the same interests and needs.

According to our principles, targeting our goals towards the achievement of the 2030 Agenda implies close cooperation between international, national, regional, and local levels. Network work with other civil society organizations constitute the most appropriate strategic action to enhance the positive impact of the actions we carry out. Certainly, this reinforces the advice that coalition building and partnership could be key to success.