Our programs are focussed on helping meet the objectives set out by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Amox Tochan´s work is carried out by an intervention model that help achieve its three organizational goals and embody its commitments to enhance human well-being with equal opportunities, social inclusion and equity.

The three specific goals are:

1) Enjoying a long and healthy life, measured by life expectancy.

2) Providing non formal education for skills´ development assisting elemental training.

3) Approaching to the necessary resources to achieve a decent standard of living and to be able to take part in the life of the community, measured by the estimation of an income from social work.

Health Education

To achieve the objective 2 “Cero hunger” and 3 “Good Health and well-being” of the UN´s Sustainable Development Goals, Amox Tochan has created “Health Education”

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Growing Together

To achieve the objective 4 Quality Education of the UN´s Sustainable Development Goals, this program seeks to expand capacities and expand poeple´s opportunities through develop…

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Sustainable Development

Aligned to the following UN´s Sustainable Development Goals; 1 No poverty, 12 Responsible consumption and production, 13 Climate action and 15 Life on land…

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